How do I set up team notifications?


Last Update 6 maanden geleden

Our notifications help keep you and your team members up to date with alerts and important client updates.

When a new appointment is booked, when existing appointments are edited, confirmed, started, rescheduled or cancelled, or when a client has arrived or doesn’t show up.

You can choose 3 types of notification

SMS, Email, or Push in-app notifications:

Go to the Profile icon on the top right corner and select Notification Centre

Choose which notification you`d like to receive.

If you choose SMS, make sure you top-up your balance in the SMS top-up menu in your profile.

Choose a package then click to top-up.

Once your balance has top-up you will receive SMS notifications.

TIP: Email and push notifications are free to use, just select the options you`d like to receive notifications. 

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