Tap to Pay on iPhone


Last Update 2 месяца назад

A busy stream of bookings requires a quick and easy checkout solution. Here, we’ll guide you through activating Tap to Pay on iPhone to securely accept contactless payments in person without needing any extra hardware. 

Getting started  

To start taking payments using Tap to Pay, you’ll need to have:

An iPhone (XS model or newer) using at least iOS 16.4 software.

  • The latest version of the YAMPOS app.
  • If you’re a team member, you’ll also need access to checkout appointments. The business owner can enable these permissions for you.

Activate Tap to Pay

To activate Tap to Pay:

  1. Go to the profile screen and make sure that your device is available, see the status “available”
  2. Tap the button “Stripe payments”
  3. Follow instructions from Stripe and fill in all necessary fields, such as name, address, and bank details.
  4. As soon as your stripe account is created you can enable Tap to pay on your iPhone.
  5. Link your device to payments. Tap to button “Enable tap to pay on iPhone”
  6. Allow iPhone to accept payments. Follow instructions from Apple Screens.
  7. Go to checkout and choose type method “Tap to pay on iPhone”
  8. When prompted on-screen to Hold Here to Pay, ask your client to tap their contactless card.
  9. Once the payment has been processed, a transaction receipt will be generated which can be shared with the client by tapping Share receipt.  

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