How do I add team breaks and blocked time?


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Incorporate breaks into your team’s shift patterns through their working hours or the Calendar.
Schedule these in one of two ways:

  • Regular breaks
  • Blocked time
  • Regular breaks

Create multiple shifts in your team’s working hours to schedule regular breaks such as lunches into the day. You can set this up for any day of the week or set it up as a regular shift pattern.

Create regular breaks

  • Go to Staff list settings and select the staff you'd like to set Working hours.
  • If you have multiple locations, use the drop-down menu to filter your calendar by location.
  • To view specific Team members, click on the day you'd like to Change and tick "Breake".
  • Under the relevant day, enter the start and end times of the first shift. The end time of your first shift will signify the start of the break.
  • Click Add a shift to add the second shift.
  • Repeat steps 6-8 for each working day of the week.
  • Click Save.  

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