How do I change appointment statuses and colours?


Last Update 7 tháng trước

Colours and statuses are designed to help you distinguish between different types of appointments depending on their status. You can also choose to colour your appointments.

Appointment statuses and default colours

Changing the appointment status helps you track your appointments and keeps other staff members informed of the client's whereabouts. By default, a new appointment will be marked on the calendar as Purple and changes colour based on the status you set the appointment:

Purple: New appointment booked

Purple : Confirmed
Magenta: Ready to pay (receipt awaiting to complete in open status)

Grey: Completed (receipt generated)

Red: No-show

Changing the appointment status will update the appointment's color.

To update an appointment status:

  • Go to your Calendar and click on the appointment you’re looking to update.
  • Click on the appointment status dropdown and click the button underneath which status to update your appointment to. (cancel, confirm, or go to checkout)
  • The colour and status of the appointment will update automatically.

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