How do I manage my time and calendar settings?


Last Update 7 个月前

We've made it easier than ever to match your time and calendar preferences to your business. To start making changes to your time and calendar settings:

Go to Online Booking.

Once there, you can start making edits to the following:

Business info - Your Business name is displayed across many areas, including your online booking profile, sales invoices, and messages to clients. Make sure it matches the name used on your website and social channels.

Time and calendar settings - Choose the Time zone, Time format, Week start, and Appointment colour source for your business. Daylight saving changes will automatically apply based on your selected time zone.

Language settings - Choose the default language for your client notifications and the default language for your staff members. Language preferences can also be set within the settings for each of your clients.

Online links - Add your company website and social links for sharing with clients.

Don't forget to Save any changes you make.

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