How do I add team members?


Last Update 7 maanden geleden

Adding team members allows you to assign services to the right employees, and create a service list that is simple for your clients, and team to navigate when booking and scheduling appointments.

  • Invite team to create an account
  • Add team members manually

Invite your team to create an account

The easiest way to add team members is by inviting them to set up their accounts via email.

  1. Go to Staff.
  2. Click on the Add Staff
  3. Choose the permission level you’d like to assign
  4. Add the First name, Last name, and Email of the team member.

To invite another team member to join with the same permission levels, click on Add next email and enter the same information as above.

Once you’ve added all of the relevant team members we’ll send them an email with login details. 

NOTE: Only team members with a high permission level can add, edit, or delete team members from your account. Once a team member has set up their account, you’ll still need to add the rest of their details manually if they have low or medium permissions.

PRO TIP: You only need to include their email address if you'd like them to receive Notifications and/or have individual login access.

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